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Welcome to Sacred Spaces
within us, between us, around us

As you visit with us, I hope you enjoy the music, art and word wizardry you'll find sprinkled throughout this webspace.  You'll be listening to true life stories, along with varied expressions of higher wisdom (phrases, charts, imags) that I and many others have found inspiring, transformative and life-changing.   

If you haven't already done so, please subscribe below to Anam Cara, a Sacred Spaces Conduit that shares the infinite flow of these goodies on a more ongoing basis. You can read more about what Anam Cara really is and how it came to be here.

empowermentYou are also invited to join Maria on her internet talk radio show, Cour de Grace, on Voice America/World Talk Radio Network . She has chosen topics that have served to be the most empowering and impactful, and will be taking email questions and occasionally even calls from listeners. Read more about this exciting endeavor at and join us live every Thursday, 11am Pacific Time, as of June 20th.

And there's yet one more invitation for you! An invitation to begin or to continue at a greater extent to lead a Spirit-driven life. "Leading a Spirit-Driven Life" is all about the journey to
...nourish whomever, create whatever and go wherever…
Spirit leads.  


We'd love to have you join with us, as "juntas somos fuertes",
together we are strong!



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Picture of queen anne's lace in front of sunset

Photo of stone cairn on creamy tile background  (on my family room fireplace)

© 2009 Andre Shivers Photography

"Spanish Rose" ©2009 MahaRa

Sacred Spaces
is committed to
illuminating and clearing
the psychological blocks
that prevent us from
attaining and sustaining
a connection to Spirit
within us
between us
around us