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About Maria

I confirmed during a meditative session what I had wondered for some time—that an important part of my life purpose was to experience many things enough (in order to really get them and to be able to feel and to reinforce our oneness rather than our separateness), but not so much that I’m consumed or over-identified with any one thing. And so I am American-born but with immigrant parents, both with quite admirable qualities and gifts as well as some serious challenges. I began my life in apartment city living in an ethnically diverse Chicago neighborhood, spent half a year in rural Miami and ended up in suburban 2-story colonial home living! Personality tests are always a struggle—I’m introverted and yet extroverted, I’m creative and structured, I’m anal and disorganized—you get the picture! I hope that you, like me, already have developed or will soon begin to develop a better understanding about the purpose of your own personal tendencies and your life experiences, as this has provided me with an invaluable sense of meaning and clarity in my own life.

I was also very fortunate to cross paths with those who guided and supported a very early alignment with the perfect career for me—clinical social work. I spent almost 15 years immersed in the world of police social work—an unbelievably wide-ranging, challenging and rewarding experience. Over time, though, my passion for mastering relationships emerged and I began specializing there, moving into full-time private practice.

In 1997, my life made a major and unexpected turn; a turn precipitated by the suddenly visible, audible and palpable presence of Spirit in my life and the life of my now husband, Lou. A whole new dimension of life revealed itself—an often subtle yet almost unbearably powerful energy and presence, often challenging and yet always loving, always guiding. The primary intention of all of the wild and intense coincidences and experiences at that time, was to unite Lou and I (despite us being partnered with other wonderful people) and to realize “the divine purpose of our union” ( a prophetic vision I had beginning exactly at midnight one fall day) and the child we were “meant to have” (a “voice” I had heard earlier while driving in my car in response it seems to my frightened and exasperated “I am not getting this!”)—a child we did have on Halloween of '03 (our daughter, Cassandra!). I shared more and more of these experiences with friends and with clients, eventually teaching them how to “lead a more spirit-driven life”, as I was continuing to learn how to do so myself!

This website has been another important step of this journey, as it has served to introduce these possibilities for others and to enhance their process and journey.

I do hope you enjoy your visit.   

In community,

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Maria A Rodriguez, LCSW
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