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Introducing a new way to stay connected:
Anam Cara, a Sacred Spaces, Inc Conduit

Similar to when I was "nudged" by Spirit to co-create this web space (see Website Story for more), I have been nudged to create a new publication named "Anam Cara", to be shared by email to subscribers.

Anam Cara means "soul friend" in Gaelic. Like an anam cara, this publication is meant to be a special friend to your "awaken, blossom and grow unrecognized dimensions of your destiny" "awaken the eternal" "inspire you to be without mask or pretension" be "the truest mirror to reflect your soul" "bring out the real contour of your spirit" "illuminate the mystery and kindness of the divine" "alter the meaning of identity and perception" "transfigure what is negative within you" help you "look and see and understand differently" "transform your way of being in the world" "awaken the wellspring of hidden love within" "bring epistemological integration and healing" help you "enter the unity of ancient belonging". (Anam Cara by John O'Donohue )

Through the help of many others, I discovered I was to begin Anam Cara with a series of articles on “Truth, Triumph, Transformation and Trust”. I am to continue to share the many Phrases of Truth & Guidance, the diagrams and poems of higher wisdom, and a hodgepodge of my discoveries (those people and things that nourish my soul, both fun and profound!).

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