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Sacred Spaces—Around Us

Utah Skies at sunset

“What we don’t nourish, doesn’t flourish”
one of the many Phrases of Truth & Guidance
emanating from the space between me and those in my Circles.

So let’s all nourish and flourish
our bodies, our minds, our hearts and our spirits
so that we are living our lives from a well that is rich and full.

How difficult it is to be at our best
when we’re operating from a dry, empty well–
much less transform, evolve and ascend
as individuals, as couples and as groups.

For me the richest “nourishment” for all aspects of our being
is found in the Sacred Spaces Around Us.

When I think of those spaces,
I think of natural sights and sounds and outdoor experiences.

Antelope Canyon with light streaming down

2009 Bob Epperly

I think of human-made creations, large and small, indoors and out,
buildings and labyrinths, books and music and art.

Labyrinth at Franciscan Retreat Center Labyrinth in Scottsdale, AZ

"Aquos" ©2006 Bob Macko

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