Sacred Spaces logo in a cream color on brownSacred Spaces: around us, between us, within us

Sacred Spaces—Around Us

Utah Skies at sunset

I think about creating personal spaces in our homes and in our workplaces
that inspire, energize, comfort and ground us.
I think of using textures and colors and objects
that support the conscious and intentional purpose of each of those spaces.

angel in Maria's family room

© 2009 Andre Shivers Photography

I think of all which appeals to and awakens our senses.

I think about our human teams and our celestial teams.
I think about the energy of Spirit, of Presence,
of Divine Mother and Divine Father.

Prayers for Divine Mother

Around us right now,
and all throughout this site,
are references to and photos of some of these sacred creations and spaces.
I invite you to experience, to produce, to visit, and to share
the sacred objects and spaces that nourish

Zion Mountain

© 2009 Bob Epperly

"Aquos" ©2006 Bob Macko