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Sacred Spaces—Between Us

We all exist naturally in relation to others—
both in harmony and in conflict.

Many wonderful approaches like Imago Relationship Therapy
can help us to understand the pain and challenge
we experience in our relationships
and convert it into healing, growth and deeper connection.
We can begin to see everyone and everything more clearly,
transforming how we think and feel
about ourselves, our partners and others
and having relationships that function much more smoothly.

As many have discovered,
relationships are at the heart of our unfoldment.
Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love:
Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"
explains that “...relationships are assignments...part of a vast plan for
our enlightenment… the blueprint by which each individual soul
is led to greater awareness and expanded love.”
Gary Zukav, founder of The Seat of the Soul Institute, believes that
“...relationships reveal the path to our authentic power
(the alignment of our personality with our soul)
one upset at a time, so that we can create it one choice at a time…”

I believe that “juntas somos fuertes”
as artist Kiki renders in one of her pieces—
“together we are strong”.
The great religious philosopher Martin Buber wrote,
“When two (or more) people relate to each other
authentically and humanly,
God is the electricity that surges between them.”

The Bridges of Love is a creation of that type of coming together.
It emerged from the sacred space between me and
some of my amazing clients,
including those in one of the Leading a Spirit-Driven Life Circles,
being synchronistically linked with
a People magazine crossword puzzle,
the book/movie “Bridges of Madison County”,
the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love”,
Terry Real’s “Intimacy Grid”, the movie “Philadelphia”,
Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia”,
Cheetah animal wisdom,
and Doreen Virtues’ “Angel Therapy” Archangel Oracle Card!

Antelope Canyon with sunlight, by Robert Epperly, Nature on Film

© 2009 Robert Epperly,

Classic Image of couple gazing at each other (painting in my living room)

© 2009 Andre Shivers Photography

"Saqqara" © 2009 MahaRa

Sacred Spaces
is committed to
illuminating and clearing
the psychological blocks
that prevent us from
attaining and sustaining
a connection to Spirit
within us
between us
around us