Sacred Spaces: around us, between us, within us


all we need is love,
the two kinds of love,
the intense nose-to-nose and the sustained side-by-side


we need to fight for it,
do the tough thing,
take charge,
discern and follow,
use attention and intention,
align with purpose,
get off the floating raft on the river of life,
even if it means becoming unrecognizable to ourselves


we are to allow and accept this true destiny of ours,
by bringing this love, which is also our wholeness,
our humanity undisguised and our divinity,
to everyone,
in all of our circles,
at all times


“time is of the essence”
in five ways:
time is passing, so do it now and do it quickly;
get into right relationship with time–
the past, the present and the future;
“nothing you can do but you can learn how to be in time”–
to slow down where we tend to go too fast and
to speed up where we tend to go too slow;
set aside the time to focus, to give and to receive;
and take the time it takes to move
from reactivity to response,
from polarity to integration,
from confusion to clarity,
from imbalance to balance,
from dilemma to resolution


we are to continuously give permission to Archangel Michael
and to the other archangels and angels to help us,
to intervene in our lives both inside and out,
by giving our cares and worries to them,
by allowing them to take our burdens,
and by following all repetitive guidance we receive.

Human Consciousness Mandala, a Mandala in blues, greens and reds on a black background

© 2009 Gail Alexander

abstract art piece of a couple cheek to cheek (clay art piece in my counseling space)

© 2009 Andre Shivers Photography

Sacred Spaces
is committed to
illuminating and clearing
the psychological blocks
that prevent us from
attaining and sustaining
a connection to Spirit
within us
between us
around us