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Breaking Our Toxic Shame Cycles

The spaces within us are usually consumed by ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that no longer serve us. Much of this is how we learned early on to get enough of our core emotional needs met, to feel enough of a sense of: worth, identity, power, control, security, stability, importance, purpose, aliveness, protection, freedom, fun, peace

and to avoid too much of the pain and panic of toxic shame. Toxic Shame is an often hidden yet embedded sense that there’s something wrong with us (that we’re not good enough in some way) and/or that we don’t matter (that what we feel, do or want doesn’t matter). I believe it’s the emotion behind most times that we are triggered by something or someone.

There are countless strategies we employ in a chronic repetitive manner for these purposes (to avoid toxic shame and to get our core needs met): we words

We often overdo things like eating, drinking and working or do too little of what it takes to function and to thrive. We become too uptight or too laid back. We feel better than or less than others. We join with one side against another side. We are too dependent and reactive in our relationships or too avoidant and indifferent.

The great news is that there are many paths from this style of living to living with what I call a Healthy Sense of Self and Others: I am/You are

We begin to show up undisguised, without the masks that our strategies create. One by one we block and shed those old habits, healing inside and out, feeling more loving, more accepting and more forgiving of ourselves and of others. As we become this higher version of ourselves, enhancing the overall quality of our lives, we come to represent this sacred path for anyone whose life we touch.

Sacred Spaces
is committed to
illuminating and clearing
the psychological blocks
that prevent us from
attaining and sustaining
a connection to Spirit
within us
between us
around us