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The Birth of a Website

It’s always interesting to me that before something becomes real, there are these clues that come before that “fore-brighten”, as opposed to foreshadow, the way (as Irish poet and philosopher John O’Donohue proclaims about blessings).

So this website, that is now real, is really a “blessing” from several clients who for the last several years have enthusiastically recommended that I create one.  They wanted a forum to receive the concepts, words and pictures that were coming to me in a more expanded and systematic way than what they could receive in their regular sessions.  So a big thank you to them all!

The other part essential to getting something like this (foreign and unfamiliar to me) to naturally occur is what I call the “nudges from Spirit”.   And so although I  received these blessings throughout the years, a website felt far beyond my reach and eventually left my consciousness. Beginning in the fall of 2008, I felt and followed powerful nudges to significantly alter the way I manage my psychotherapy practice regarding health insurance.  Then began the nudges about a website—a solicitation by voicemail to design a free website, an invitation from a colleague to link their website to mine, and then a lunch where a friend shared that a website is one of the essentials a publisher looks for in first-time authors—and all within less than a month, out of the blue! 

And, then the final all-important piece—getting past my mental/emotional blocks!  I get very anxious about any business dealing in which I'm pretty clueless about what’s standard and fair.  I feel very vulnerable to being taken  advantage of, mainly by being overcharged.  So following my website nudges, I had asked a friend about her website and the person who designed it.  I was in the car and randomly pulled out a piece of paper to jot down the name of the designer and a few notes as she was talking.  I later contacted this designer and was experiencing my usual panic right before I agree to a contract.  I then happen to look down at my notes and notice for the first time that I wrote the designer’s information on a flyer for “A Course in Trust”! I felt an immediate calm and clarity wash over me, followed it with an email to the designer, who I believe I was being guided to “trust”—and here we are!


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Sacred Spaces
is committed to
illuminating and clearing
the psychological blocks
that prevent us from
attaining and sustaining
a connection to Spirit
within us
between us
around us