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Sacred Spaces—Within Us, continued

Each transformation process involves the often uncomfortable, painful and scary melting, burning away of old states of believing and being along with the discovery of the true source of worth, identity, power, connection and so on. When we brave this path, our true essence emerges and comes forth more and more in our daily lives and we ascend to a higher place within us, between us and around us. To the right you will find Katherine Skagg’s incredible Ascension Goddess; the spirit of this “transformation by fire”. Linked here is also a piece of writing—The Sacred Process of Engagement and Attachment— conceived from the space between me and some of the wonderful people around me, that also elucidates this evolutionary process.

I was told by an intuitive woman, that my essence is one of bringing the spirit of enCOURAGEment to the world. She didn’t yet know that I had felt compelled to purchase this sign of the word “encourage” long before I had a place to hang it! Now residing in my mudroom, I take this “encouraging” energy with me when I exit to the outside world and bring it home as I reenter. At times I just need to pause beneath it to breathe in this courage for myself! This bolstering reminder is a really good thing, as you can see the incredible courage needed to walk this path of transformation.

One of the most crucial and yet most difficult aspects of this process is discovering and integrating what Dr. Carl Jung referred to as our “shadow” (aspects of ourselves buried in our unconscious) and Debbie Ford has so fortunately expounded upon. As the sage (a symbol of cleansing, healing and wisdom) grows near the convergence of light and dark in this Antelope Canyon photo, so does our true self grow when we get into right relationship with our darkness and our light.

And then there’s our surrender—what we resist the most...“We must be willing to let go of what we’re holding, what we’re seeking and what we’re avoiding. We must be willing to see, to face and to align with the truth (the whole truth). We must be willing to follow exactly and to the full extent of where we’re being guided despite how uneasy, uncomfortable, unsettled, unsure and even unable we feel. Even after we begin to see, to hear and to feel Spirit, it isn’t until we surrender, that we truly come to know Spirit.” And on and on it goes—these many Phrases of Truth and Guidance (that have come through me) involving our all important SURRENDER! The crux of all of the messages is this—without surrender, we cannot reach the light. Please do take a listen to the lovely Karen Drucker's "I Will Surrender" (link to the right) and do take a peek at I SURRENDER TO THE LIGHT for more inspiration!

So, just imagine for a moment one ascending person joining with another and then another and another, and then one ascending group joining with another ascending group and then another and another—which takes us right to the Sacred Spaces—Between Us!